Britney is not pleased

Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas (12/20)

Britney Spears is angry with ex-husband Kevin Federline for flaunting his new girlfriend Victoria Prince all over town — so angry that Victoria’s received more than a few death threats . . . OK I might have made that last part up. A friend of Britney’s told the National Enquirer:

“Britney is furious with Kevin. They were seeing a counselor with the idea of getting back together. When she recently returned from concert performances in Japan, she learned he’d been out with a new blonde. Britney asked Kevin why he is seeing this woman. Kevin just shrugged it off — saying he is not married and free to do what he wants.” (Print Edition – 12/29)

Why is Britney so mad about this girl? Kevin’s been banging 19-year-old strippers pretty much every single day since they broke up. If you’re going to get mad at your ex for hooking up with someone else, make sure it’s with the first rebound girl and not the rebound girl to the 12th power. Considering the fact that K-Fed and Victoria have been dating for more than a month, there is one thing we can assume: They’re happy they’re going to last Victoria’s infertile. Seriously, why doesn’t she look pregnant yet?


January 2, 2009 - 9:35 am