Chick fight! Chick fight!

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway on the set of Bride Wars (5/28/08)

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway’s new flick Bride Wars debuted at #2 over the weekend, taking home a respectable $21.5 million. Boring. Waaaaay more interesting: Bitches hate each other! From the Chicago Sun Times:

A production staffer who worked on the film claims the nastiness in
many of the actresses’ fight scenes ”didn’t require all that much
acting. … They really didn’t get along all that well. I think these are two such different women.
Anne is more of an intellectual and Kate comes off as something of a
dizzy lightweight. … It’s hard to believe those two would have
anything in common,” [the source also claimed] she overheard both women making
catty comments about the other.


Anne should consider herself lucky that she and her costar didn’t get along on set. Especially since three of Kate’s most publicized relationships have ended in tragic loss: 1. Chris Robinson (Kate’s ex-husband), lost his career. 2. Owen Wilson (Kate’s ex-boyfriend), lost his blood. 3. Goldie Hawn (Kate’s mom), lost all feeling in her face.

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January 12, 2009 - 8:45 am