Paris loves herself, PART 9 BILLION

Paris Hilton at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah (1/17)

Somehow I don’t think this book is gonna end up on Oprah’s book club. From the New York Daily News:

If you want to discover more of the dark underbelly of L.A., where celebrities hang side-by-side with drug dealers and other criminals, Mark Ebner’s upcoming book “Six Degrees of Paris Hilton” is for you. It’s the story of Darnell Riley, who . . . bought 14 hours of naughty Paris Hilton video from Russian thieves . . . Riley, incarcerated but articulate, told Ebner about the footage. Hilton filmed herself in a state of arousal in a New York taxi.

Later, at her grandmother’s funeral, Riley says, “she’s sitting in the church shooting video of herself. She is paying no attention to the eulogy. Paris has Brandon [Davis] film her when she gets up to say goodbyes to her grandmother.” (Source)

Paris is always in a “state of arousal.” How else do you explain her handling more packages than UPS? The fact that Paris was more concerned with filming herself than showing sympathy during her grandmother’s funeral shouldn’t surprise anyone either. What is surprising is that she didn’t film herself with other residents of the cemetery . . . the ones with “angel lust.”


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January 19, 2009 - 10:28 am