Please let this happen

Paula Abdul might get her own talk show

Paula Abdul wants to launch her own daytime talk show. Can you say female version of The Magic Hour? Please. Let. This. Happen. The American Idol cohost has already held talks with CBS and it’s rumored the show could debut this year. A source close to the star told the National Enquirer.

“Paula’s been dreaming about having her own talk show for three years, and she’s ready to make it a reality . . . And if she does get her [American Idol] contract demands, Paula will attempt to negotiate a clause that states she can have other projects, including a talk show, and will juggle both. Paula is unpredictable and not afraid to speak her mind — but she also leads from the heart and really connects with people. Studio execs feel those are the kind of personal attributes that would make her perfect for a daytime talk show.” (Source)

Paula thinks she deserves her own talk show? There’s only one type of program she should take part in this year . . . and it involves 12 steps. Actually, Paula might be onto something. For all of you out there that think watching a drunk, drugged-out, incoherent Paula slurring her words for an hour on T.V would never be successful, I’ve got two words for you: Ozzie Osbourne.


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January 5, 2009 - 6:30 am