I’m sure it was due to a “scheduling conflict”

Artist’s rendering of Jessica Simpson in two years

The fat has hit the fan. From Access Hollywood:

Jessica Simpson’s Weight-Gate has claimed it’s first victim – the singer’s upcoming Self magazine cover, at least according to Us Weekly. Jessica was allegedly scheduled to shoot a cover for the fitness magazine, which she appeared on in 2007, but chose not to bare her body in the midst of the uproar over her new fuller-figure, Us Weekly reported.

Self magazine Editor-In-Chief Lucy Danziger, however, told Access that a Jessica cover was in the works, but has stalled over scheduling conflicts.

“Self would love for Jess to be on our cover,” she told Access. “We’ve had discussions about it but we couldn’t find a date… she’s very busy.” (Source)

Yeah, I bet “she’s very busy” . . . eating. I’m no doctor (although I played one — often — in fourth grade) but Jessica must have really ballooned if she was forced to cancel her magazine shoot. Those covers are more airbrushed than moon landing photos. Besides, considering her weight, maybe Self isn’t the best publication for Jessica to be seen on these days. She might be better suited for Us.

[Headline pic courtesy of Worth1000]

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February 9, 2009 - 12:30 pm