Jen wants a prenup

Jennifer Aniston at the premier of Marley & Me in L.A. (12/11)

I don’t know what I find more surprising about this story from the National Enquirer: that Jennifer Aniston would put any kind of roadblock between her and marriage or the fact that she’s worth $150 million. A source told the tabloid:

“Jen has serious reservations about diving into marriage with John. She is very insecure, and at the top of her list of worries is that John is using her to boost his fame and fortune. So she’s insisting that John sign a prenup. His pride is wounded, and the drama over all this is threatening to blow up their wedding plans, and even their relationship.

“Jen had to rebuild her life after her marriage to Brad Pitt collapsed in late 2004. She’s on top of the world now professionally, and a prenup is a smart business move to protect her [$150 million] fortune. Even though she loves him, Jen is still unsure of John’s trustworthiness because of his reputation for having loved and left half the actresses and models in Hollywood. After her split with Brad, Jen has had serious trust issues – and for good reason.” (Print Edition – 2/2)

Jen’s “on top of the world professionally”? Last time I checked, her most recent films haven’t exactly lit up the box office. And in the only one that did rake in a decent profit, she wasn’t even the main attraction. That distinction went to a star that not only licks his own anus, but occasionally finds his fecal matter to be a delicious morning treat. So yeah, if you consider THAT to be on top of your game, then sure, Jen’s doing great. Also “on top of the world professionally” by that standard: Betamax distributors.

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February 2, 2009 - 2:00 pm