Jessica Simpson hires diet coach

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo leaving Da Silvano restaurant in New York (2/13)

In an effort to look only slightly overweight again, Jessica Simpson has hired some help. A diet coach. From Star:

Jessica Simpson is seeking the services of a “food cop” to help her regulate her dietary intake and police her expanding waistline. The 28-year-old singing star has become a hot topic of tabloid fodder after debuting a fuller figure at a concert in Florida last month, just re-hired former trainer Mike Alexander to make sure that she sticks to a strict new 1,250-calorie-a-day regimen.

“She just can’t resist junk food,” a Star Magazine insider explains. “She literally needs to be watched 24/7. Jessica has a problem with binge eating, which is usually triggered by stress. Jessica’s most recent violation was indulging in the terrible trio of chicken wings, nachos, and booze at the Great Dane Pub in Madison Wisconsin.” (Source)

Jessica doesn’t need a “food cop” to help her keep thin — she needs Samantha Ronson . . . to show her how to use her finger. Of course Jessica could always try what her sister did to improve her appearance: go under the knife change her hair color marry someone that wears more make-up. Bottom line, if Jessica is serious about her desire to start working out, there is one exercise regimen I’d like to suggest: jumping jacks . . . lots of ‘em . . . while I watch . . . without my pants on . . . you get the point . . . I really like ellipses . . . and boobs.

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February 27, 2009 - 8:00 am