Paris got hacked

Paris Hilton at the Super Saturday Night party at the Seminols Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, FL (1/31)

Surprised by the lack of emoticons and spelling errors in the email you received from Paris Hilton last week? Don’t be. It wasn’t actually her. Her Gmail account was hacked. From Life & Style:

Friends who thought they were exchanging e-mails with Paris Hilton recently might want to confirm they were actually corresponding with the one and only heiress. A hacker broke into Paris’ Gmail account and wrote messages while pretending to be the star, Life & Style has learned.

“I can’t believe someone would hack into my e-mail account and send people e-mails acting as if they were me,” Paris tells Life & Style. “It’s such an invasion of privacy.” (Source)

The same woman that had her sexual escapades taped, sold, and distributed world-wide is now concerned about an “invasion of privacy”?  At this point you could put mini-cameras in her toilet, on her IUD, and on her tonsils and she still wouldn’t have a right to complain. The most shocking thing about this story: the computer hackers didn’t end up with a virus.


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February 4, 2009 - 10:54 am