Denise Richards’ exit devastates Dancing With The Stars crew

Denise Richards is a bitch

You didn’t think that headline was actually true, did you? Why the hell would I write about that? From the Chicago Sun Times:

“There are a lot of smiling faces around here today,” said a “Dancing With the Stars” staff member Wednesday — gloating about Denise Richards being booted off the show.

“We all couldn’t stand her and her diva attitude, and I think her snottiness all came through to the public as well. … Even though the judges gave her better scores than Holly [Madison], the people voted against her,” the source said. “She’s just not appealing. … Made our day!” (Source)

Even with her low scores, it’s obvious why the public chose Holly: she’s younger, hotter, and generally more naked than Denise. They probably empathized with Holly more too — this is the first time in years she’s been able to move around with a guy without worrying about him breaking his hip. Besides, if the public wanted to see a diva/bitch flail around on TV and make an ass out of herself, they wouldn’t tune in to Dancing with the Stars, they’d watch Tyra.


March 27, 2009 - 2:45 pm