Lindsay wants to convert

Lindsay Lohan at Westminster Synagogue in London (2/28)

Lindsay Lohan supposedly wants to convert to Judaism to prove that she’s committed to girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Lohan and Ronson were seen at London’s Westminster Synagogue last Saturday for Ronson’s half-brother Joshua’s Bar Mitzvah. From the Daily Mail:

Showing her seriousness about converting, Lindsay had also visited the synagogue the day before with Samantha and her designer sister Charlotte. Entering the synagogue, a photographer asked Lindsay if she was switching religions, to which she replied: ‘I’m trying.’ Updating her Facebook status this week, Lindsay wrote ‘I’m converting’.

Her estranged father Michael Lohan rediscovered his relationship with God during a period in jail and now works as a minister. Michael said: “She’s exploring Judaism right now. She’s explored the Church of Scientology, she tried Kabbalah, and now this. I think it’s just another phase. But either way, she’s involving God in her life, and I’m happy about that.” (Source)

I agree with Michael. This is just another phase for Lindsay. Much like when she wore panties for a few months back in 2005 or waited until the end of a first date to have sex during the summer of 2007. I’m sure Lindsay will be back to shaming herself in the eyes of Jesus Christ in no time.

March 3, 2009 - 8:00 am