Ryan Gosling wants to tap that ass

Ryan Gosling wants to tap that ass

I’m not sure if he’s still going to want to hook up with her after hearing about what she did with Sean Penn, but Ryan Gosling totally wants to do Natalie Portman. From the Chicago Sun Times:

They’re keeping it very hush-hush, but I understand Natalie Portman is “intrigued” by Ryan Gosling, who has been actively wooing her since the couple met recently at an L.A. nightclub. Gosling has been kind of a regular DJ at the hot Bardot’s nightspot. “Natalie always has been attracted to actors and other men who are intellectuals … and Ryan qualifies,” says a BZ spy who should know. Along with continual “and very poetic” text messages, the star of “The Notebook” reportedly has been sending Portman first editions of books he thinks she’d like. (Source)

Is sending a chick a “first edition” book really how guys are picking up women these days?  Back in my day, men were more “romantic.” We’d slip a little something in our target’s drink, drag coerce gently lead them back to our place, and three months later organize a shotgun wedding. Ahhh, but those were simpler times — when women couldn’t do such silly things as read and file police reports all by themselves . . . and men actually had testicles.


March 26, 2009 - 2:00 pm