Andy Roddick’s a dumbass

Brooklyn Decker is rather attractive

Even though he married that piece of ass above, tennis star Andy Roddick still isn’t over his ex-girlfriend Mandy Moore. In other news, Andy Roddick is fucking insane. From the Chicago Sun Times:

Apparently Roddick, who quickly got engaged to Decker after learning Moore was headed for the altar with rocker Ryan Adams, was totally obsessed with any tidbit of news regarding his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. According to Roddick pals, the court king made sure he read every celebrity magazine that included a story about Moore and Adams’ nuptials.

“It’s really weird that he still is so into her,” said a longtime associate.

As for Decker, she’s none too pleased about it and has told friends she’s unhappy about Roddick’s fascination with his ex-galpal and her new husband, and thinks “it’s sick.”

Brooklyn’s right. Andy’s infatuation with his ex is “sick.” Lusting after a chick like Mandy Moore when you’re married to a supermodel like Brooklyn is like longing for your old Honda Civic when you now drive a Ferrari. Sure the Civic might be less maintenance but the Ferrari’s going to give you wood every time you look at it. Also, Ferraris sometimes have hot Ferrari friends that let you watch while they experiment with cocoa butter and Kegel exercises.

April 24, 2009 - 4:15 pm