Jessica wants her own show

Jessica Simpson performing at the “Bud & BBQ” festival in San Antonio (5/9)

Jessica Simpson is pitching a reality show to networks where she would travel the country, tackling various eating challenges at restaurants (e.g. “Finish this 72 ounce steak dinner and it’s free”). Oh wait, I think I just described Man v. Food on the Travel Channel. Oops. Jessica’s idea is a little different. From Us Weekly:

Jessica recently visited some TV networks to pitch a reality series about society’s scrutiny of women’s bodies. The premise of the program, titled The Price of Beauty: “She and a friend set off on a road trip around the world in search of what people find beautiful and why,” says a source. The insider continues that the onetime Newlyweds  star, 28, will be hands-on with the show — and will even try some of the “shocking things that women do to make themselves beautiful. Picture Fear Factor.”

If Jessica wants a show that’s sure to be picked up by the networks, she better skip the philosophical  “society’s scrutiny of women’s bodies” bullshit and pitch a series the general public actually wants to see: Jumping Jacks with Jessica Simpson. If I wanted to see a buxom moron babble incoherently I’d tune into “Daisy of Love” or Nancy Pelosi’s last press conference.

[Pacific Coast News]

May 28, 2009 - 11:15 am