Linda Hogan not invited to Brooke’s birthday party

Brooke Hogan at her 21st birthday celebration at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas (5/5)

Linda Hogan was persona non grata at Brooke Hogan’s 21st birthday dinner last week at Spago restaurant in Las Vegas. Celebrating the occasion was Brooke’s father Hulk, brother Nick, and boyfriend Stack$. Ouch Linda, that’s gotta hurt. A dude with a dollar sign in his name was invited to the dinner and you weren’t. A source told Fox News:

“Linda was really, really hurt. But Brooke has sided with her father in all of this, she was adamant about not celebrating with her mom or extending an invitation.”

Following dinner, Brooke partied with (and couldn’t keep her hands off) her beau inside PURE nightclub while typically protective Hulk looked on disapprovingly.

I’d hate to be in Brooke’s position here, having to choose between feuding parents. On one side you have the Hulk, a dude who’s dating basically a slightly older version of you. On the other side you have Linda, a woman who’s dating basically a slightly taller version of your brother. They’re both horrible, horrible people. It’d be like if you were playing basketball at the park and picking teams and the only two people left were Hitler and Pol Pot. I mean, obviously you’d pick Pol Pot because Hitler can’t go to his left but I think you get my point.


May 13, 2009 - 2:00 pm