This is great news

Vanessa wants an open relationship

Fed up with Zac Efron not proposing to her, Vanessa Hudgens supposedly wants to start dating other people. Two hours. It should take me about two hours to drive to L.A. and start stalking her. You were wondering that, right? Because I sure as hell was. A source told the National Enquirer:

“When Vanessa heard about Zac’s plan to stay single for the next couple of decades she was shocked and shattered. She’d secretly hoped for an engagement ring within the next year or two!

“Zac’s totally upset — he doesn’t want Vanessa dating anyone else. Even though he’s not ready to commit himself to settling down at this stage of his young life, the thought of Vanessa in another man’s arms drives him crazy.”

Of course the thought of Vanessa in another man’s arms drives Zac crazy — he wishes he could trade places with her. There’s actually a good reason why Vanessa wants to date other men: she’s tired of being the only one in their relationship not getting any dick. If Zac really wants Vanessa to remain committed to him, he’s gonna have to start making some drastic changes to his sex life. The first: swallowing an Altoid after swallowing his boyfriend.

NOTE: Sorry for all the gay jokes but you’ll never be able to convince me that a man with skin that soft and hair that manageable is straight . . . wow, that actually sounded pretty gay.


May 7, 2009 - 11:15 am