This is too perfect

Tila Tequila (leaving Koi restaurant last month) and Ray J

Two of the biggest no-talent, attention-whoring-ass-clowns in Hollywood are dating. Tila Tequila announced on her blog yesterday that she’s dating rapper Ray J (probably most well known as being the other half of the Kim Kardashian sex tape). I’ll assume the two met some recent night at a club. I’ll also assume formal introductions weren’t done until the following morning when they woke up next to each other. From Tila’s blog:


Hey ya’ll,

So there have been SO SO SO SO many rumors about me dating P.Diddy, Tyrese, to anyone you could possibly think of!  So I am taking to my blog to clear up all them rumors ok? I am not dating anyone of those guys, although they are all very close friends and I have the upmost respect for them…..however……my secret boyfriend……that I have been trying to keep on the hush hush for soooo long…….is………are you guys ready????  My real boyfriend is RAY J!!!!!  Yes…..we’ve been dating for a while but didn’t want the media to find out cuz it’s nobody’s business, but since all these other random rumors starting poppin up that I’m dating so, and so, I finally felt that I needed to tell the world that rumors are NOT TRUE!!!!

My baby is Ray J…..and no man has made me feel so loved and so happy in such a long time.  We really do love each other and I am so happy to have FINALLY met someone who treats me with respect and love.  He is so sweet to me and makes me melt everytime I see him…….I love my baby……so there you have it! Tila Tequila is officially dating Ray J!!!!!! I think we make the cutest couple….dont you?????  And this video that I posted earlier tonight was for him so he would hurry up and come over to see his wifey:

Of course these two are dating — it just makes economic sense. Why buy your Valtrex at Wal-Mart when you can buy in bulk at Costco and save a shitload of money? But Ray J might want to start rethinking this relationship if Tila’s already referring to herself as “wifey.” Because over the years I’ve learned that there is only one thing rappers fear more than condoms and books: committed relationships.

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May 5, 2009 - 5:15 am