$500,000 not $50,000

Lindsay Lohan arriving to Sam Ronson’s house in L.A. (6/11)

Seems the jewelery theft Lindsay Lohan is being investigated over is a bit more serious than previously thought — ten times more serious. It was reported yesterday that $50,000 worth of jewelry went missing from a photoshoot Lindsay did in London earlier this month. Turns out the real value is closer to $500,000. From TMZ:

Scotland Yard is investigating the disappearance of around $500,000 worth of jewels — earrings and a necklace — that went missing after an Elle magazine shoot … and guess who was front and center for the shoot? Our freckle-faced friend.

Scotland Yard wants to question LiLo …but they’re quick to add others are being investigated as well.

Lohan’s rep released this statement: “No one has contacted us yet, but Lindsay is happy to cooperate. She wants them to find the missing items.”

Whose idea was it to leave Lindsay Lohan unattended around half a million worth of jewelry? Because they should be fired immediately. It’d be like leaving Rosie O’Donnell alone in your kitchen. You can’t be mad when you come back five minutes later and find that the jar of mayonnaise you bought at Costco last weekend is suddenly and mysteriously empty.

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June 16, 2009 - 12:00 pm