K-Fat is a tax cheat

“I sure could go for six double cheeseburgers right now . . .”

Even though he’s pulling in tens of thousands from Britney Spears each month, K-Fed isn’t funneling any of it towards Uncle Sam. From TMZ:

K-Fed’s gonna have to spend some of his babysitting money bailing out the US government — and it’s something he should have done a long time ago. The IRS has slapped a lien of Federleze to the tune of $14,371 in back taxes. It’s not like he’s not making money. Federline is pulling in $30,000 this month alone for babysitting his two kids.

I’m no accountant (although I’m just as sexy) but shouldn’t K-Fed be able to write off some of his gambling losses, stripper expenses, and day-long trips to the Hometown Buffet? They’re all part of maintaining his public “image” — that of a slovenly, money-wasting douchebag. If K-Fed wants to pay the IRS but still maintain the lifestyle that he’s become accustomed to, there’s only one thing left he can do: Britney without a condom.


June 23, 2009 - 2:15 pm