Vanessa was too greedy

Vanessa Minnillo dumped because she was too greedy?

According to his publicist sources, Nick “My Career Is Going Nowhere” Lachey was the one who actually dumped Vanessa “Future Looks Bright” Minnillo, and not the other way around. From the Chicago Sun Times:

“Frankly, he was pretty bored,” said a longtime Lachey pal, who says he’s been seeing this splitsville situation coming “for at least the past few months. … Nick just didn’t find he and Vanessa had all that much in common anymore — with the exception of their shared experiences over the three years they had dated.”

Another source close to Lachey’s management team tells me there were concerns Minnillo may have been a bit more interested in material possessions than Lachey would have liked. “I don’t think her publicly announcing she was expecting an engagement ring of ‘at least 10 carats’ went over too well,” the source said.

Nick didn’t break up with Vanessa because she was being greedy by asking for a ten carat ring. He just couldn’t afford one. Considering the guy hasn’t worked for the better half of the decade, Vanessa would have been lucky to get a ring pop from him. If Vanessa really wants to sport something that’ll shine, she shouldn’t date a 90’s popstar — she should date Chris Brown.

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June 26, 2009 - 12:45 pm