Lindsay might do “I’m a Celebrity”

Lindsay Lohan to appear on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here?

Remember last week — after Russell Brand wouldn’t even fuck her — when I said Lindsay Lohan had hit absolute rock bottom. I was wrong. She might do a reality show. Oh the shame! From the Mirror:

I hear both the UK and US versions of I’m A Celebrity are desperate to sign the wild party girl as a contestant for the next series of their shows.

My source in the know tells me: “Lindsay’s the perfect person for a reality show like I’m A Celeb. She’s young, fallen and there’s an element of tragedy in her life. Most people who go on the show are in need of a healthy pay cheque and also want to raise their careers from the dead. Lindsay is perfect fodder for the show. This could potentially net her up to £250,000. She could certainly do with the money.”

Can you imagine Lindsay trapped on a desolate island without the bare necessities — like booze, cigarettes or hand sanitizer? That’d be almost as cruel as making Tyra Banks go without a mirror or forcing Mickey Rourke to bring one. On the other hand, spending time away from some of the negative influences in her life might be exactly what the doctor ordered . . . well, that and a vaginal rejuvenation. Lindsay, tell Dr. Matlock I sent you.

[Pacific Coast News]

July 22, 2009 - 12:45 pm