Maybe Shia didn’t hit that

Megan Fox outside Fuse Studios in New York (6/26)

Remember that story on Tuesday about Shia LaBeouf probably nailing Megan Fox? Well maybe we shouldn’t erect a statue of his penis in the middle of Times Square quite yet. He probably didn’t hit that. From Fox News:

“I understand the introspection that way, we have been working with each other for years now. She is a very attractive girl and I am a red blooded 23-year-old,” LaBeouf said. “I get it …It makes sense to me but it is just a professional relationship regardless of what my wishes and hopes would be.”

But how does Fox feel about the romance rumors?

“We have just a real good natural chemistry. I enjoy the shit out of him, I enjoy his personality a lot,” she said. “He is absurdly witty, I love him to death and we sort of have like a natural banter, brother-sister relationship that we both enjoy.”

Megan “enjoys his personality” and thinks he’s “absurdly witty”? Oh man, that’s the kiss of death. “I enjoy your personality” is chick-speak for “You will never see me naked.” Plus, the fact that Megan thinks of Shia in a “brother-sister” kind of way means that the only way he’s ever going to be able to score with her is if they both move to the Ozarks . . . or turn into the Jolie siblings.

[Pacific Coast News]

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July 3, 2009 - 5:15 am