What the hell is happening to Playboy?

Shirley Jones leaving the Hollywood Christmas Parade (11/30/2008)

*Shakes head* . . . From the New York Post:

Shirley Jones has a beef with Playboy. As we reported in May, the squeaky-clean “Partridge Family” star, now 75, was interested in doing a Playboy spread. But after the magazine’s snappers recently took 300 test shots in which Jones showed her cleavage and legs in an 18th-century French-boudoir setting, Hugh Hefner “passed on them because he expected much more nudity,” her husband/manager, Marty In gels, told us. “Shirley said, ‘Under no circumstances will I show more.’

Hugh expected MORE nudity from a 75-year-old? I’m sorry, but once women reach a certain age 40 30 (usually around ~19ish) they look better with their clothes still on. Besides, if I really wanted to see that much saggy/wrinkled skin, I wouldn’t turn to Playboy to get my fix, I’d find a picture of Cisco Adler’s balls (Google it . . . if you dare)

[WENN, Mavrixonline]

July 15, 2009 - 2:30 pm