Amy Winehouse to dance with the stars?

Amy Winehouse leaving a dentist’s office in London (8/6)

Amy Winehouse may be a contestant on the next season of Strictly Come Dancing, the UK’s version of Dancing with the Stars. Hell. Yeah. From OK!:

According to a Strictly Come Dancing insider, producers of the BBC series are determined to get the Back to Black star on-board in order to keep up with rival show the X Factor, which has recently signed a host of high profile stars to perform on the live shows.

A source said: “Strictly have made it a priority to sign Amy and will stop at nothing to have her. X Factor have upped their game with the likes of Madonna and Robbie Williams in talks. So bagging Amy would be a real coup.”

Amy Winehouse and live television? Yes, it’s brilliant. How come no one has thought of this before? But screw her appearing on one show for an hour a night, she needs her own channel: Amy 24/7. I’d watch it all damn day. I’d get nothing done. “Honey, we have to go grocery shopping” . . . “Sorry, can’t go, I’m watching the Amy channel. Last hour she ate a hot dog out of the trash!”


August 19, 2009 - 12:30 pm