Ashlee Simpson is too important for you

Ashlee Simpson leaving the Ken Paves salon in West Hollywood (7/23)

I’m not a famous singer, but if I was, I would go out of my way to not be a dick to the people who buy my CDs. It just seems like good business sense. Like, I’m not a dick to the people who read Celebslam. I almost never call you guys fat or ugly. From the National Enquirer:

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz snubbed her fans after having her red locks tended to at the Ken Paves Salon in Beverly HIlls on July 23. The star of “Melrose Place” promised she’d sign autographs and pose for photos on her way out. But she changed her mind and walked right past everyone after her beauty session. (Print Edition – 8/3)

The most shocking part about this story isn’t that Ashlee didn’t sign autographs for her fans — it’s that she actually has fans. The only person who should actually want an Ashlee Simpson signature is a server at a restaurant waiting for her to sign the bill. If these people outside the salon were so desperate for the autograph of a washed-up moron that married a gay dude, they shouldn’t have waited for Ashlee — they should have waited for her sister.


August 7, 2009 - 12:15 pm