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Carrie Prejean at Opening Day at Del Mar Race Track (7/22)

Carrie Prejean. Just. Won’t. Go. Away. Look, no matter how you feel about the issue of gay marriage (personally, I’m extremely pro-gay honeymoon . . . as long as it involves two hot chicks), I think we can all agree that beauty queens should not be at the center of important national debates. From Fox News:

Pop Tarts has learned that Prejean has been in talks with Trump over the past few weeks to star in the third installment of his hit NBC show “Celebrity Apprentice.”

“Carrie really wants to do it,” an insider told Tarts. “Trump keeps going back and forth over it, he doesn’t really care either way.”

A rep for Trump said that the casting process is ongoing and nothing has been determined, while a rep for the 22-year-old former pageant princess told us that they were “unaware” of the negotiations taking place. Prejean did not return emails requesting comment.

Tarts also hears that this isn’t the only reality show Prejean has had discussions with recently. According to another insider, the folks from “Dancing With the Stars” really wanted the blonde beauty to salsa her way into the Monday and Tuesday night time slots, but in the end, an agreement couldn’t be reached.

Of course Trump wants Carrie to be on his show. She’s attractive, opinionated, and moronic — so a lot like every episode of The Hills. If Trump really wants a contestant on his show that’s sure to generate high ratings, he’ll probably need someone with a little more intellectual credibility than a beauty queen has-been. My suggestion: a retarded circus clown.


August 26, 2009 - 12:00 pm