VH1 is getting screwed

Jessica Simpson leaving Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood (8/1)

VH1 is getting taken to the cleaners by Jessica Simpson —  catering costs are spiraling out of control on her new reality series. From the New York Post:

VH1 just found out how high “The Price of Beauty” can be. Jessica Simpson is scheduled to start shooting the new show next week and travel to seven countries examining exotic beauty regimens. But VH1 isn’t happy with her budget. “To get her camera-ready each episode will cost $25,000,” said our source. “She insists on using her own hair, makeup and fashion stylists, who are more expensive than J.Lo’s.”

On a serious note, if Jessica really wants her show to be a huge success, she needs to shoot it without wearing make-up . . . or a bra. She could probably smear animal feces on her face and her show would still get phenomenal ratings as long as she did jumping jacks. So let this be an important lesson to all of you impressionable young girls out there: guys don’t care how much time you spend on your eyeliner — just make sure your tits bounce when you walk.


August 4, 2009 - 1:30 pm