Still a jackass

Kanye West and Amber Rose leaving The Cleveland Show premiere party held at Capitol City in Hollywood (9/22)

Shocking news about Kanye West: Turns out he hasn’t learned his lesson from the infamous Taylor Swift incident and he’s still a complete fucking jackass. From Janet Charlton’s Hollywood:

Kanye West made a fool of himself again Saturday night at Common’s
benefit concert at The Palladium in Hollywood. Here’s the story: Kanye
arrived minutes before he was set to go onstage as the last act of a
star-studded charity show. Besides Common, Nas, Ludacris, Mos Def, De
La Soul, Heavy D, Queen Latifah, and other acts had delighted the

They were all relaxing in the green room when Kanye walked in
and noticed a guy eating chicken. He took offense and blurted
petulantly “Why wasn’t I offered chicken? It’s NOT FAIR- you want me to
perform for free – everyone is eating – WHY AM I NOT EATING!” A waiter
apologized and pointed out “You didn’t ask for chicken!” — “Well, I’m

Other celebrities watched Kanye’s loud chicken tantrum in total
shock. His girlfriend Amber Rose just stepped back and let him rant.
The waiter rushed him a plate of chicken and Kanye literally took ONE
bite and dumped it before he grabbed the mic and went onstage, leaving
everyone shaking their heads.

Everyone should just lay off Kanye for a second and actually give him some credit. At least with this outburst he had the good sense to only make a jackass out of himself in front of a few dozen people and not a few million. Besides, there’s a perfectly good explanation for why Kanye enjoys whining and throwing tantrums like a five-year-old: both wear the same size clothing.


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September 30, 2009 - 12:30 pm