Kevin Federline to be less fat

Kevin Federline in Miami (8/29)

In “six months too late” news, Kevin Federline is set to appear on the next season of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. His ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson is appearing as well. Awk-ward. From TMZ:

Looks like Kevin Federline is tired of all the K-Overfed jokes — because TMZ has learned he officially signed on to do the next season of “Celebrity Fit Club.”

Federleezy has packed on the pounds of late but he’s on a mission to reduce the rolls. Earlier today, a TMZ employee watched Britney’s ex saunter onto the Simi Valley, CA set of the VH1 weight-loss reality show.

As TMZ first reported, Bobby Brown, Nicole Eggert and Kevin’s other baby-mama Shar Jackson will also join him in trimming the fat.

The only thing harder than trying to lose weight on TV is trying to lose weight on TV with your ex-girlfriend. Now K-Fed will not only have to endure hours of strenuous workouts, but hours of bitching and nagging as well. The bottom line is that if K-Fed and Shar really want to lose weight instantly, they don’t have to appear on this show — they just need to drink Ipecac see each other naked.

Over/Under on # of episodes before K-Fed is kicked off for smuggling cookies in his fat rolls: 1.5


September 23, 2009 - 1:15 pm