Paris is jealous

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas in 2006

Paris Hilton created a monster. And their names are Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe. I guess Paris is a little bit jealous that the Kardashian sisters are suddenly at the top of every club promoters list, while she’s yesterday’s slutty news. A source told the New York Post:

“Paris is furious that Kim got her start by hanging out in Hollywood with her — and now, the Kardashians have it all, the reality shows, the magazine covers, the big appearance fees and promotional deals. She used to command $100,000 for club appearances, but now Kim is the hottest girl — and they aren’t friends anymore. The magazines are bidding around $300,000 for Kourtney’s baby-shower and baby pictures. And Khloe’s wedding brought in record ratings for E!

“Paris has realized that standing for excess in a recession doesn’t appeal. The Kardashian girls seem more real, and girls identify with them more. She’s got to ditch the pink Bentley and concentrate on developing herself.”

Sources close to Hilton said she’s carefully working on the launch of her new hair and beauty line, which she’ll unveil in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, taking the lead from the Kardashians by having her family at her side.

Was there ever any doubt the Kardashians would become more famous than Paris? They have bigger tits than she does. The truth is, although the Kardashians are now a bigger draw than Paris, she has no one to blame for that fact but herself — she showed them exactly how to become successful in Hollywood: Step 1. Make a sex tape. Step 2. Protest its release. Step 3. Profit, Rinse, Repeat.

November 16, 2009 - 2:30 pm