What the hell was Clooney thinking?

George Clooney at the L.A. premiere of Up in the Air in Westwood (11/30)

George Clooney actually went on a date with Madonna last year after she split up with her husband Guy Ritchie. What in the hell dude. Did he lose a bet? From UK tabloid Daily Star:

George was set up with the Queen Mum of Pop by a mutual pal. A friend of the G-Man told us: “He figured she is a smart, accomplished woman so why not give it a try? They went out for dinner in New York, but it turned out really bad. She kept trying to make jokes that weren’t at all funny the entire time and didn’t want to have a real conversation. He could not wait to get out of there.”

What guy in his right mind would give up nailing hot young ass to date Madonna? That’s like trading in your new Lamborghini for a riding lawnmower. Sure Madonna might be “accomplished,” but that’s just code for “can fit four midgets inside her vagina.” Although this pairing didn’t work, George is lucky about one thing: 99% of women on the dating scene are exactly his type — younger than him. 


December 21, 2009 - 5:00 pm