Tiger’s still nailing Whore #1

Rachel Uchitel out and about in New York (12/10)

You can pretty much forget about Tiger and his wife ever making up. He’s been hooking up with Rachel Uchitel (aka “Whore #1″) ever since the scandal broke. From In Touch Weekly:

“[Tiger and Rachel] have been sleeping together the entire time since the scandal broke,” her friend says. “They hooked up in a condo she’s been staying at in Palm Beach.”

Rachel, 34, has recently been spotted out in the ritzy Florida town where Tiger’s luxurious yacht, Privacy, is docked, and reports claim she’s been visiting her parents nearby.  But the golf superstar isn’t actually staying on Privacy, the friend reveals — he’s been holed up in another decoy boat nearby.

“Rachel’s condo is 500 feet from where Tiger’s boat is docked. He has been visiting her there.” According to the friend, Tiger even secretly flew out to LA on December 4 just so he could spend time with her. “She’s madly in love with him, and she believes that he loves her as well.”

Out of the 15+ whores, porn stars, sluts, escorts, waitresses, skanks, models, club promoters, and hookers Tiger was secretly banging, he chose Rachel. It’s like their love is straight out of an old-fashion fairy tale.

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December 22, 2009 - 11:45 am