The Enquirer knew about Tiger

The infamous cover

Apparently the National Enquirer knew about Tiger Woods’ philandering ways a few years ago but killed the story to help another magazine owned by their parent company — Men’s Fitness — land an exclusive interview. From the New York Post:

Tiger Woods’ sizzling date with a hotcakes waitress was the reason he agreed to pose for a rare cover shoot for Men’s Fitness magazine, sources said yesterday.

Woods was “getting busy” with Perkins eatery waitress/manager Mindy Lawton in his SUV — and reportedly drove up to her trailer park — in the spring of 2007 when they were photographed by a lensman from the National Enquirer, sources said.

As The Post first reported last week, an embarrassed Team Tiger quickly agreed to let the golf great be the featured cover art for another America Media publication, Men’s Fitness, to keep the story from getting out.

This, despite Tiger’s exclusive deal with rival publication Golf Digest.

“[American Media CEO] David Pecker knew about Tiger Woods’ infidelity a long time ago. [Pecker] traded silence for a Men’s Fitness cover,” former editor Neal Boulton told The Post. Pecker angrily denied the charge.

Covering up a man’s inability to keep his dick in his pants is just the sort of thing you’d expect from the press when dealing with a world famous billionaire two men whose last names are Pecker and Woods. The only way these two could have had more ironic surnames is if David’s last name was “Ethics” and Tiger’s was “MaritalBliss.” On a side note, I heard Tiger actually hired Tommy Lee to write his wedding vows for him. The word “sluts” is used six times.

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December 8, 2009 - 5:15 am