Elaine Spottswood . . . in A-Rod’s Pants!

A-Rod is a cheater

Turns out A-Rod was cheating on Kate Hudson pretty much their entire relationship. With Elaine Spottswoood. No, really, I didn’t make that name up. High School must have been a bitch for her. From In Touch Weekly:

It looked like Alex Rodriguez rebounded with 25-year-old design consultant Elaine Spottswood awfully quickly after his split with Kate Hudson — and it turns out that may be because the Yankee slugger already had the younger blonde on deck.

“Elaine and Alex have been romantic for a few months, since before he and Kate ended their relationship,” says an insider close to the couple, who met through friends a few years ago, but began heating up in November.

And apparently, A-Rod didn’t do much to hide his affections: According to one insider, he constantly texted Elaine, even while he was with Kate. In fact, as millions of viewers watched Kate and her family cheer Alex on during the World Series, he was secretly planning sexy dates with Elaine. “Kate is devastated and feels stupid,” says a friend of the actress. “She thought that she and Alex were moving toward marriage . . .”

Boning a guy for six months doesn’t mean you’re moving toward marriage. Settle down Kate.

“and all the while he was not taking the relationship as seriously as she was. She never would have imagined he would cheat on her.”

Before getting into a relationship with A-Rod, Kate should have heeded this famous old adage: once a cheater, always a cheater sports stars can never be faithful if you want to keep a man, make sure your chest isn’t concave. Besides, if Kate had really wanted to get married, she should have done what most women do to trick their men into walking down the aisle: fake a pregnancy say you actually enjoy giving BJs. Lies!


January 15, 2010 - 10:15 am