I want to be the Beckham’s dog

The Beckhams dog is richer than you

5-star accommodations, 5-star dining, David and Victoria Beckham’s new bulldog puppy is living a serious life of luxury. Oh that reminds me, rent on my studio apartment is due soon. From the New York Daily News:

David and Victoria Beckham’s bulldog puppy, K9, just jetted from London to Los Angeles in high style at the bone-crunching price of $3300, according to the Daily Mail Online.

That’s the going rate for premiere canine comfort on PetAir, England’s top-of-the-line pet transportation company. The price tag includes the ticket, special carrier and chow and a preflight health check for the dog, which was a Christmas gift from Posh to Becks.

Since the new year, K9 had been staying at home of chef Gordon Ramsay, according to the Daily Mail. The lucky dog reportedly enjoyed a tasty pre-flight meal prepared by the pugnacious pot-and-pan handler.

The Beckhams were just named the fifth highest-earning Hollywood couple. Gourmet meals and inflight comforts are tastes of what’s to come for the lucky pooch.

“In its very short life, David’s dog has already seen the kind of luxury it will enjoy,” a friend said. “It’s been fed by the U.K.’s leading star chef and has now been in total comfort to L.A.”

Isn’t this how the French Revolution started? The general populace found out that the pets of the wealthy were living better lives than they were and they decided to revolt? Now typically I’m not one to go around instigating civil unrest, but when a god damn mutt is eating in luxury and I’m stuck stealing salt packets from McDonald’s, for a moment — just a moment — I can see the appeal of building a guillotine.


January 21, 2010 - 10:30 am