Kim has a deal for everything

Kim Kardashian at Ocean Drive Magazine’s 17th Anniversary event at the Delano Hotel in Miami (1/14)

Is there anything in her life that Kim Kardashian isn’t making money off of? She gets money to show up at clubs, money to promote things on her Twitter, and money to eat cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes. From the New York Post:

Kim Kardashian (pictured) nearly bit off more than she could chew while hosting Ocean Drive magazine’s 17th anniversary party Thursday night at the Delano. The curvy celebutante had an awkward moment when she went to blow out the candles on a cake and realized it was made of more than 100 mini-cupcakes. A spy reports, “After backing away from the photo op, Kim explained quietly that she had a cupcake deal and couldn’t pose with a competing product.”

She couldn’t blow out the candles because she already has a deal with another cupcake maker? My God, what products won’t this bitch hawk? I guess we can all assume that, based on her past (yes I’m talking about her sex tape with Ray J), there’s really only one company left that she hasn’t sold exclusivity rights to: American Standard.


January 21, 2010 - 1:00 pm