Britney spent $100k on her bathroom

Britney Spears drops $700k on home renovations

Dammit, I hate Britney Spears’ dad Jamie having such control over her finances. We don’t see nearly enough of these “Britney spent $XXXX on what?” stories anymore. Screw you Jamie and your protective fatherly instincts! From the New York Daily News:

She must have been saving her allowance. Britney Spears just spent $700,000 renovating her Calabasas, Calif., home – with $150,000 going for furniture, $200,000 for artwork, $100,000 for a bathroom, $150,000 for electronics and close to $100,000 for Venetian plaster walls. “Britney remodeled her entire home,” says a source of the singer, who’s reportedly on a $1,500-per-week allotment from dad/conservator Jamie Spears. “She loves spending money.”

I know that $100k figure may seem steep, but you try installing a White Castle franchise in someone’s bathroom for less. Seems like Britney got a pretty damn good deal to me. Bonus: she gets 25% off all combo meals on Thursdays. Sweet!


February 19, 2010 - 12:45 pm