Looking good Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan leaving Teddy’s nightclub in West Hollywood (2/1)

Last December, feeling that the “actress” hadn’t done enough to satisfy the terms of her probation for DUI, a judge ordered Lindsay Lohan to step up her alcohol education program classes and attend at least once a week (“This has to be a top priority whether she has a job somewhere else or doesn’t or something else comes up. This has to be done once a week.”). Now I don’t know who’s teaching this class, but judging by how drunk Lindsay looked on Monday night, he must be teaching her how to make a helluva mixed drink. I wonder if he taught Lindsay how to do that one thing where you flip the bottle behind your back and then catch it and pour a shot. Damn, where can I sign up for one of these classes? They seem fun as shit!

[WENN, Pacific Coast News]

February 3, 2010 - 9:15 am