Tiger’s whores are finding work

Rachel Uchitel out and about in New York last December

Turns out that destroying someone’s marriage has its benefits. Whore #1 Rachel Uchitel (aka “Ground Zero Whore”) just got hired by Extra to be a correspondent. There goes any chance they had at winning a Peabody. From the New York Post:

Uchitel, who was interviewed last night by the show’s Mario Lopez, “so impressed producers that she’s been offered a job as a special correspondent,” a rep told us. We’re told she’ll report for “Extra” on nightlife “hot spots.” A show source added, “She won’t talk about Tiger, but she talks about how she wants to find a husband and have kids. She only has a few real friends left whom she trusts. She is alone a lot and spends time with her two dogs. She seems very vulnerable.”

If Rachel wants to “find a husband and have kids” she’s going about it all wrong. Considering that she only dates guys who wear wedding rings, the only way she’s going to be walking down the aisle anytime soon is if she becomes a polygamist or marries an 18th century Sultan. Of course, if Rachel insists on only dating married guys but still wants to have kids, there’s still one surefire way these days to accomplish that goal . . . anyone know John Edwards’ phone number?


February 11, 2010 - 12:15 pm