Reggie definitely cheated

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush out and about in New York (2/11)

Remember the rumors last year that Reggie Bush cheated on Kim Kardashian? I think we can move those rumors into the fact column. From the New York Daily News:

Hell hath no fury like Kim Kardashian scorned. Video vixen Carmen Ortega is accusing KK of quickly squashing the affair she had with Kim’s man, Reggie Bush. “Reggie and I had a brief, short-lived relationship almost one year ago. During that time, we both were in serious relationships with other people, but we had an ‘understanding,’ ” the stunner explains. “Unfortunately, things hit the fan when [Kim] found out. She immediately ran to the Internet to throw me under the bus.”

Wait a second, are you telling me that a professional athlete broke the sacred bonds of trust that he had with his significant other? The shock! Every woman should know by now that if they’re going to date an athlete, he’s going to cheat. And every guy should know by now that when he dates Kim Kardashian, the perfume she’s wearing is not “Chanel No. 5.” It’s “Urinal Cake” by Odorite.

NOTE: The woman Reggie cheated with (who looks almost exactly like Kim btw) had the balls to post a homemade video tour she made of his house on YouTube:

February 18, 2010 - 5:15 am