Oh. The irony.

Bombshell McGee’s infamous Nazi pics

Jesse James’ mistress, Bombshell McGee, was cheated on by her husband a few years ago. Awwww, let’s all cry tears of empathy for the poor Nazi bitch. From Radar:

RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that Jesse’s mistress number 1 applied to be on the TV show Cheaters, alleging that her then husband, Ronald Shane Modica, was cheating on her.

A source tells RadarOnline.com, “She applied to be on the show, and a report was submitted on her allegations of her husband cheating. But for whatever reason no further action was taken. Usually that means the couple break-up or the allegations are totally unfounded and the person is a crazy. I don’t know which it was in this situation.”

So a chick that covered her body in bright ink, posed naked on several internet sites, and publicly exposed her affair with a celebrity actually likes attention? Get the fuck outta here. Frankly, at this point, the only kind of story about Michelle that would shock me is if I found out she majored in Comparative Literature at Harvard or could even spell the words “Comparative Literature.”


March 30, 2010 - 6:00 am