Jamie Lynn’s moving to the big city!

Jamie Lynn Spears is moving back to L.A.

Jamie Lynn Spears has her wagon packed and ready to go. She’s moving to the big city! From the National Enquirer:

Teen mom Jamie Lynn Spears is leaving her native Louisiana and moving in with her big sister Britney in Los Angeles, The ENQUIRER has learned.The move is part of mom Lynne Spears’ plan to revive her 18-year-old daughter’s acting career and separate her from her new boyfriend James Watson, insiders say. Jamie Lynn started dating the 28-year-old businessman last December, but her mom disapproves of their 10-year age difference, revealed a source.

“Lynne is very unhappy about Jamie Lynne’s relationship with James. She thinks he’s too old for Jamie Lynn and has nothing to offer her,” the source told The ENQUIRER. “Lynne wants to see her daughter get back into show business.”

Now she cares about who her daughter dates? Sorry Lynne, but you’re a few years, an unused condom, and one illegitimate child too late to be acting like a concerned parent. Besides, if Lynne had really cared about Jamie Lynn’s career, she never would have left Hollywood. She would have moved Jamie Lynn to a place where there were more employment opportunities than in Louisiana — like pre-WWII Germany. A little history humor for you right there.


March 18, 2010 - 11:30 am