Katherine Heigl is hungry and the afternoon links

Katherine Heigl at Figaro Bistrot restaurant in Lose Feliz (3/5)

+ Your lesbian fantasy of the day [Drunken Stepfather]

+ Katherine Heigl got her ass fired [Just Jared]

+ Lauren Conrad side boob peek [TaxiDriverMovie]

+ I don’t even know how to describe this pic of Lindsay Lohan [The Blemish]

+ Jessica Simpson will not be having revenge sex [A Socialite’s Life]

+ This relationship is so contrived [Yeeeah!]

+ Did Jamie Kennedy dump that bitch? [Cele|bitchy]

+ Awesome .gifs from this years Academy Awards [Attuworld]
+ Nicole Scherzinger needs to just shut up and look pretty [I’m Not Obsessed]

LIST OF THE DAY: The 8 people you meet on an elevator


March 12, 2010 - 4:15 pm