Jamie Foxx wants to tap that ass

Olivia Munn at the 3rd Annual Pre-Oscar Hollywood Domino Gala at bar210 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel (3/4)

You can add Jamie Foxx to the list of guys who would love to split Olivia Munn like a piece of firewood. FYI, the current list (in alphabetic order):


From the New York Post:

Jamie Foxx spent the night flirting with gorgeous Olivia Munn at the Hollywood Domino Gala the other night. “Foxx looked enthralled,” a spy told us. “He appeared to be taking her number before they left the party together, along with her female friend.” Munn recently split from “How to Make It in America” star Brian Greenberg.

This sort of story is totally going to ruin Olivia’s street cred with her nerd fan base. As a G4 channel host who’s most famous for dressing up as Princess Leia, leaving a party with a guy that’s actually cool can’t be good for her career. If Olivia really wants to stay relevant, she needs to keep the fantasy alive for 27-year-old virgins everywhere — by dating guys that look less like Jamie Foxx and more like McLovin.

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March 8, 2010 - 1:15 pm