Don’t feel bad for Jenny

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy in London last November

Don’t feel too bad for Jenny McCarthy being dumped by Jim Carrey. She got a free mansion out of the deal. From Janet Charlton’s Hollywood:

No more sharing swimsuits for Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey. It’s over. But as we told you last summer, he didn’t leave her in the lurch. Jim bought Jenny and her little boy Evan  a FIVE MILLION dollar house in Beverly Hills so they can always feel secure. That calculates to about a million dollars for each year they spent together. STAR magazine claims that Jim’s bouts of depression led to the split and certainly his moods have always been a challenge. At least he’s not a cheapskate.

If Jim was going to give Jenny so much, he might as well have gotten married in the first place. The whole reason for not putting a ring on a girl’s finger is so that you can get the milk for free without having to buy the cow . . . even if that cow does have utters as nice as Jenny’s (NSFW). Luckily for Jim though, he should be able to bounce back from this break-up and get over his depression in no time with something Jenny never let him have: a threesome medication.


April 9, 2010 - 2:00 pm