Kate didn’t get boobs

Kate Hudson on the set of Something Borrowed in New York (4/22)

There’s been some talk over the past week that Kate Hudson got a boob job or may even be pregnant. Nope. She’s just fat. From Betty Confidential:

Her friends say Kate, who hasn’t been out and about in the public eye as much as usual had just gained a little healthy weight now that’s she has recuperated from her painful break up with Alex Rodriguez.

“Kate was very skinny during her days dating Alex,” says the source. Once they broke up, “she went from looking too skinny to looking healthy and thin. She went through an emotional time.”

Right after her break-up with Alex, Kate was out and about perky as ever to promote her last movie, Nine. And, then she played the field dating several men at one time, but it didn’t last.

“She thought she could throw herself back into the dating game, but it’s not for her right now. Kate took a step back to reevaluate her life. She stopped dating men and took on a whole new ritual of not drinking and partying. She put on some weight from eating, but she still looks great,” explains the source.

You know how to tell that you’re flat chested? You put on five pounds and it looks like your tits tripled in size. Besides, it wasn’t her boobs that made Kate the famous movie star she is today. It was her talent ass mom’s connections. Of course, having fake blonde hair, no talent, and the curves of a 10-year-old boy doesn’t mean that Kate’s career is over. It just means she’s going to get a lot of people asking her, “Hey, aren’t you Paris Hilton?”

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April 23, 2010 - 11:45 am