This is a little weird

Michael Lohan and Kate Major at Celebrity Boxing 19 held at South Philly’s Bar and Grill in Philadelphia (4/7)

You may have heard yesterday that Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael got engaged to his girlfriend Kate Major. What you probably didn’t hear is that Lindsay used to be Kate’s boss. Um, OK. From Rob Shuter at Popeater:

As a fellow celebrity reporter, I have known Kate for years — and in 2008 we worked together at Star Magazine. And I know first-hand that Kate was once a key member of Lindsay’s entourage, serving (either paid or unpaid) as a driver, confidant, an all-purpose factotum.

Another mutual friend provides some additional context: “Kate was really close with Lindsay when she was in rehab at Cirque Lodge in 2007. Kate drove her back to Los Angeles from Utah and was the one that brought in the first-person post-rehab interview for In Touch.”

Adds the mutual friend: “They hung out and partied a lot together after that. But Lindsay stopped returning her calls when Kate started getting closer to Michael Lohan. Kate used to go out to the Hamptons and hit events with him and his girlfriend [later reputed fiancee] Erin Muller. She had a picture on her desk of the three of them at a white party out there.”

Boy I would love to hear what Lindsay thinks about all of this. Hmmmm, how would I get a hold of her right now . . . wait I know — is anyone near the gutter at the intersection of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine right now? Can you go over and poke Lindsay with a stick to wake her up and then ask her for me? Thanks!


April 8, 2010 - 2:15 pm