Sophie Monk hates her boobs

Sophie Monk is good at bike riding

First of all, I don’t even know who the hell Sophie Monk is, but I’ve written about her before, so she must be famous. And second of all, shut the hell up. From Australia’s

“I have big boobs which I hate. They are so annoying. I wish they were smaller,” the ex-Goldy girl tells Grazia magazine.

Monk tells the mag about her body image woes, saying she doesn’t like looking too skinny either.

“It’s not an attractive look, clothes hang off you. I prefer to have a little bit of curve; that definitely looks better. My legs are long but my body is too short. Then you know what? I look at myself and think, ‘Well it’s got me this far. I can’t look too bad’!”

It’s pretty clear what Sophie’s doing here. She doesn’t hate her tits — she just likes bringing them up in conversation to highlight the fact that they’re pretty nice to look at. It’d be like if I started a sentence with: “You know, having a 10″ penis isn’t all it’s cracked up to be” — and I was talking to my accountant.

[Pacific Coast News]

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April 8, 2010 - 1:00 pm