Chick fight! Chick fight!

Cameron Diaz leaving Le Colonial restaurant in New York (4/21)

Background: Kate Hudson dated Alex Rodriguez last year. According to gay dudes and chicks who know nothing about sports, Kate was Alex’s good luck charm in the World Series and a big reason the Yankees defeated the Phillies in six games. But A-Rod eventually tired of Kate and dumped her ass so he could hook up with other average-looking chicks. Like Kate’s arch nemesis Cameron Diaz. Oh no she di’int! From Us Weekly:

The new issue of Us Weekly reports that Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz are locked in a bitter battle over Alex Rodriguez. An insider believes Diaz is bedding Rodriguez as a form of retaliation after Hudson hooked up with Justin Timberlake  in January 2007 — just two days after the couple of four years split.  “Kate thinks it’s payback, pure and simple,” the insider says.

And Hudson’s not 100 percent wrong. Says a Diaz pal, “Cameron was actually in a serious long-term relationship with Justin. She thinks it’s a joke Kate would be mad. Kate is only upset because she hates being single.” In an effort to hold on to Rodriguez, one source even contends that Hudson got breast implants post split to appeal to the Yankee’s preference for “busty women.”

Two women fighting over a man is just pathetic . . . unless that fight involves jello, an inflatable pool, and my video camera. Kate and Cameron should just do what most women their age in the U.S. do when they’re lonely for companionship: get a cat join become a high school teacher. By the way, dating Cameron and Kate doesn’t exactly confirm the claim that A-Rod likes “busty women.” It confirms that he likes his women flatter than a six-day-old can of Sprite.

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