David Boreanaz really loves them whores

“Everything’s OK! Look how happy I am!”

Two weeks ago, feeling extremely guilty about violating the sanctity of his marriage to former playmate Jaime Bergman because he didn’t want to pay any more hush money, David Boreanaz admitted to the world that he’d been having an affair. Well I have some shocking news for you folks. It turns out he may have been sleeping with more than one woman *gasp* From Radar:
He may not be Tiger Woods, but David Boreanaz is  sure  looking like a serial cheater.

The Bones star, who recently admitted to having an extra-marital affair with an unnamed woman, and who also has a hot affair with Tiger Woods’ mistress Rachel Uchitel, is now being linked to a third woman: porn star Gina Rodriguez. And RadarOnline.com has an eyewitness who saw Boreanaz and Rodriguez together at her house, go into her bedroom several times.

And although [Rodriguez] denies a sexual affair, RadaraOnline.com reached two sources who say it did happen. A source exclusively told RadarOnline.com, “Boreanaz turned up at an Easter party at the house with another guy and he ended-up staying the night. Gina had the master bedroom and suite at the house and I saw him walking around (not fully dressed) the following morning. I had the room next-door and could hear them laughing and giggling. Gina told me after he left that he was a ‘really cute and fun guy.’ On another occasion one of my friends drove them to the Guys And Dolls nightclub, and I saw him at the house on at least three more occasions after that.

“David and Gina talked on the phone often. She knew that he was married, but she didn’t seem to care. She claimed that they were ‘just friends,’ but obviously the relationship was much more than that. I think they casually dated for a few months and the relationship seemed pretty casual but Gina really liked David.”

To quote one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th Century*, “A man is only as faithful as his options.” The fact that a famous person with untold wealth cheated on his spouse really shouldn’t be that surprising in this day and age. What’s actually surprising is that this Gina chick didn’t keep David’s text messages, emails, stained bedsheets, and half-eaten peanut butter & jelly sandwich to auction off to the highest bidding tabloid. 

*Mahatma Gandhi Mother Teresa Chris Rock


May 19, 2010 - 2:00 pm