Jim Carrey might be a Scientologist

Jim Carrey crossed over to the dark side

If random internet speculation is to be believed — and really, why shouldn’t it be? — Jim Carrey is a Scientologist. From Hollywood, Interrupted:

CALL ME CRAZY: JIM CARREY OUTS SELF AS SCIENTOLOGIST! In one ill-advised Twitter thread (pics here and here), former funny-man Jim Carrey explains his cosmic drift into cult-induced irrelevance. (note: Carrey’s anti-pharmaceutical ranting and use of the tell-tale Scientology catch-phrase, “suppressive types.”

Sure it’s possible Jim Carrey might be a Scientologist. But here’s a more reasonable theory: HE’S FUCKING INSANE. I mean, just look at him. Tell me that’s the face of somebody you’d leave your kids alone with for ten minutes. I wouldn’t even leave my microwave alone with him.


May 4, 2010 - 1:45 pm